Egg Whites International Partnership

I am pleased to share with you my experience and promotion of Egg Whites International.  After using their product for some time now and having talked with them at length, I am now able to share their quality products with you. Egg Whites International is the purest liquid egg white company on the planet and have been around since 1999.  They do not have an extensive line of multiple products, rather they have focused on producing one quality product since their inception. It is the perfect solution to work in high quality protein, without the carbs or fat.  They are easily measurable, last for up to 4 months in the fridge(if you can keep them around that long) and can be frozen to be stored longer.  I am so glad to have connected with Egg Whites International and they have been a great addition to my nutritional regimen.


I frequently use their liquid egg whites in my protein shakes and also, my latest favorite is to add them to my nighttime casein and Greek yogurt, which makes for a creamy bedtime meal.  There are a bunch of recipes on their website and I am constantly learning how to incorporate them in my different meals.  They go well in my overnight oats and even in a few recipes I make for my daughters to ensure they are getting adequate protein to meet their demands as growing student athletes.

I encourage you to give them a try.  Like me, I am certain you will not be disappointed and will find many ways to incorporate them into your meals to better meet your nutrition needs and goal.

You can click here to order, or go to and let them know I sent you.  Not only will you get your order in, but you can also receive some FREE swag! Be sure to mention my name and score yourself some free clothing with your order!

Overcome obstacles. Do the Unexpected!

There is nothing better than accomplishing what you once thought you couldn’t do. Find a way around, over, and through any obstacle on any given day. Whether the roadblocks are mental, physical, logistical, or whatever. They may be legit excuses or not, but it doesn’t matter. Stop telling yourself what you can’t do, would do, or should have done and just do it.
Be smart, calculated and deliberate in your steps, but most importantly take that step! You can get stand at the bottom of the ladder and in one step grab the top rung. But you can take one step and move a little higher.
Whatever that step is or means to you find a way to make it happen. Every time you work through or around an obstacle you gain momentum to go even further. Do it.
Know you can do what you once thought impossible. It can’t be accomplished all at once, but the most important thing to know and fully believe is that it can be done!!
Make it happen! #RiseandConquer

8/21/17 Monday’s Motivational Mantra

Monday’s Motivational Mantra – “For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?” – James Allen This question has been on my mind for a while and has become a very motivating mantra on its own. “Why not? Why not you?” In conversation a while back I was sharing a story of something I had seen and must have added a line of doubt in thinking of doing something similar. The person’s response was simply, “Why can’t you? Why couldn’t you do that?” And it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had no reason that I couldn’t go after what I wanted, why I couldn’t do what I truly wanted, or why I had shrugged it off as something only someone else could do or have. I accepted others doing things, but for some reason was not giving myself the permission or freedom to reach my own greatest visions and goals. When you hear your own voice telling you, “You can’t”, or “but”, take charge and ask yourself, “Why can’t I?” You will be surprised at the answer! Accept no limits. #RiseandConquer

Tale of Two Chapters

Here we go….this isn’t really a transformation. It is simply a matter of goals at the time and education. The picture at left was 8 or 9 years ago. I wasn’t competing at the time, and hadn’t in a while. My training never stopped. The only goal was to lift hard, lift heavy, and get as strong & big as possible. It wasn’t about looks…and it still isn’t. To that end I was hitting my goals. I tracked my nutrition then too, and was conscious of food choices to reach my goals. Eating was not a free for all; my goals were simply different. I also did not track things as closely as I do now nor did I have the extent of the in depth knowledge that I do now. I knew a lot then, but learning is am ongoing process. 💪 The picture on the right was taken at last year’s DFAC World Finals. It was my best condition & presentation to date and I am out to improve upon that this year. My goals are simply different & my knowledge is at a different point as well. 💪 Both pictures are real & genuine & simply two snapshots along a continuum of a passion that has burned for 25 years. 💪 Everyone is on their own journey, writing their own chapter, and at different places in their story. There is no right or wrong and one is not better than the other. 💪 It took me a while to decide to share this. Ultimately, both were parts of my journey and equally important and productive. With each phase accomplished, I have set new goals, greater goals, and must align my focus to reach those goals. Its not about looks, popularity, or current fads. Its about the burning desire to follow my passion, do what I once thought impossible and be better than I used to be! #RiseandConquer

Seize the Day

Today is the day!! This is your day. You chose what to do with it, how you will spend it, and how it will go. You can make the most of it be deciding to do so. 💪 It is not a chore or burden. It is time to live, enjoy life, and pursue your happiness. 💪 Be grateful for what you have. Appreciate how far you have come. Know where you want to go. Narrow your focus, out your head down, and work to get there. 💪 Achieve greater. Be better than you were yesterday. Take the risk. Take action. Confront the obstacles. And…#RiseandConquer

It Always Seems Impossible Until it’s Done!

Monday’s Motivational Mantra – “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”― Nelson Mandela 💪 It’s always unknown before it’s done. Even the next minute is unknown until it is over and past and we know how it was spent. It is not something to be feared and held frozen by that fear of the unknown. Rather we must turn the tables and look to embrace it and command how the unknowns will go. 💪 Action breeds results. Take the leap of faith, begin an action, and watch the unknowns become known, the path we couldn’t see at the start becomes clearer and we gain the confidence to see it through until it is done. You don’t think you can do something? You don’t know, but in making the attempt you find you are more than capable, even if the path is not straight. You may have to work harder, learn more, work differently, but it is possible. With every action you gain confidence and power and momentum to keep going and see something through until it’s done. 💪 Embrace the challenge of doing something greater. Make the impossible become possible. Own it and dictate the unknowns rather than being frozen by them. Attack with a relentless pursuit knowing you can and you will accomplish what once seemed impossible. #RiseandConquer