Tale of Two Chapters

Here we go….this isn’t really a transformation. It is simply a matter of goals at the time and education. The picture at left was 8 or 9 years ago. I wasn’t competing at the time, and hadn’t in a while. My training never stopped. The only goal was to lift hard, lift heavy, and get as strong & big as possible. It wasn’t about looks…and it still isn’t. To that end I was hitting my goals. I tracked my nutrition then too, and was conscious of food choices to reach my goals. Eating was not a free for all; my goals were simply different. I also did not track things as closely as I do now nor did I have the extent of the in depth knowledge that I do now. I knew a lot then, but learning is am ongoing process. 💪 The picture on the right was taken at last year’s DFAC World Finals. It was my best condition & presentation to date and I am out to improve upon that this year. My goals are simply different & my knowledge is at a different point as well. 💪 Both pictures are real & genuine & simply two snapshots along a continuum of a passion that has burned for 25 years. 💪 Everyone is on their own journey, writing their own chapter, and at different places in their story. There is no right or wrong and one is not better than the other. 💪 It took me a while to decide to share this. Ultimately, both were parts of my journey and equally important and productive. With each phase accomplished, I have set new goals, greater goals, and must align my focus to reach those goals. Its not about looks, popularity, or current fads. Its about the burning desire to follow my passion, do what I once thought impossible and be better than I used to be! #RiseandConquer

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