Goals and Traveling…Commit Before you Leave the House

There’s always going to be an excuse….don’t excuse yourself. You have goals and it is important to keep that commitment to yourself in order to meet and exceed those goals.


I’m traveling over the holiday weekend here and so made the commitment and plan ahead of time of exactly how I would enjoy the time yet stick to my goals. 


Meal prep and planning were the biggest task to work out, but remember this is a lifestyle by choice and not a punishment. Yes, there are plenty of food options and different variety than when I plan my meals at home. The reality is….no one really cares what you’re eating but you. Know what you need to do to hit your goals and do it. Ice cream, for example, has macro nutrients and portion sizes. You can track them and work them in to your day’s plan I’d you choose to. There are definitely some sacrifices to be made but again, a little planning and understanding your needs and goals will go a long way.


Ultimately, it comes down to you. You are in control, even when away from home and out of your routine & comfort zone. You control what you eat. You control whether you fuel up with the right nutrients and the correct balance of nutrients. You control whether your training stays on track, or if you change it up to fit your situation for a few days and add in a different type of training. In today’s leg workout, I got to use equipment I have never used before, just because it was there! 


You also are in control if you choose not to stick to your commitment to reach goals and give in to whatever excuse you can accept and rationalize. 


It all comes down to you. Variety, planning and flexibility are key to moving forward and keeping yourself accountable in any situation. If I can do it, you can do it. #RiseandConquer @dymatize @dymatizeprewo @shieldsofstrength @naturalprofitnesscoaching

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