You are NOT a Drop in the Ocean

“You are not a drop in the ocean.

You are the entire ocean in a drop.”  –Rumi


Within yourself, you are enough.  You have all you need to pursue your greatest dreams.  You may not see the end of the path, but you don’t need to.  You have what it takes to start on the path. So what is stopping you?


Often there are obstacles that come from other people or events outside of us that we then internalize and build into our own stumbling blocks which prevent us from pursuing our fullest potential.  


I designed the everyday Warrior to confront and tackle the gap between thinking and doing.  How often do you have the best plans but cannot seem to begin or convert those plans into actions?  Pick up a copy today and be your own #EveryDayWarrior

The hard is what makes us Great!

In order to achieve anything that you want in life, it is going to be hard. Accept it. Know that ahead of time. When it gets hard, understand that this is exactly how you should feel right now. It will knock you down. You will question if you have what it takes. The work will seem overwhelming. Get comfortable in that moment and know this is exactly where you should be in order to achieve what you are after. It is not impossible. You can and will conquer all obstacles. The obstacles are meant to be there. Rise and Conquer and achieve anything and everything you want for yourself.

For more help with mindset, motivation, and achieving your goals, check out my book, everyday Warrior, on Amazon.

Becoming and Everyday Warrior in All Areas of Life

After speaking with a group of people and sharing the message and concepts behind the Everyday Warrior Action Guide book, it became even more apparent that most people are already Everyday Warriors in some area of their life.  There is some area where they have been challenged, knocked down and have had to fight, work, and claw their way to overcome this.  For some that battle is ongoing but one that they have currently taken control of.  Everyone excels at something – whether it is finances, organization, fitness, punctuality, even keeping up with laundry and putting it all away after it is washed and dried.

However, there are other areas where we struggle and want to improve.  Sometimes, there is a disconnect between the strategies and actions applied to overcome and excel in one area of life and how to apply those same strategies to an area one currently struggles with.  For whatever reason, it seems to be human nature to disregard or acknowledge the positive and only focus on the negative.  The fact that each person has some areas of strength and areas where one excels should not only be recognized but utilized as a foundation from which to build upon to conquer other areas.

Being an Everyday Warrior means admitting that while there are areas we wish to improve upon or new journeys we wish to begin, we already have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and strengths. There are many things in which we already excel and those skills and actions may be the cue that inspires and motivates others to make changes and improve areas of their own life.  It is very easy to get caught up in the negative talk and emotions and opinions of others.  It is more important that we stop and recognize where we have been, how far we have already come, and how much we have accomplished.  We are building upon our successes and should use our talents and strengths as bricks as we continue to grow and build upon our own greatness so that others may also grow and improve.


Everyday Warrior: Interview with Good Day Rochester


I was so grateful to have the opportunity to sit and discuss my book, Everyday Warrior, with Norma Holland and Alexis Arnold on Fox Rochester.  It was important to me to get the message out that this books is geared for everyone who simply wants to finally conquer goals and move beyond the obstacles that hold you back.

Everyday Warrior: Conquering “Resolutions” week after week and busting the New Year’s trap!






New Year’s Resolutions are often short lived, doomed for failure and motivation fades quickly. I designed the everyday Warrior to build discipline & accountability on auch more realistic and consistent scale. Each week, no matter what day of the week or month of the year you choose to begin, you have the opportunity to accomplish a goal in one week’s time. You then can evaluate, recharge, recommit and start fresh the very next week taking action to meet another goal you set. Forget the hype and pack mentality of new year’s resolutions. Pick up a copy of this book and start accomplishing goal after goal, step after step, all year long.

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The best time to start something is now!

In this Youtube video I explain the reality of waiting til New Year’s and what really happens when the ball drops at midnight and you wake up the next day full of more excuses and delays.

This notion that the final few weeks of December are “lame duck” weeks where we shouldn’t start or pursue goals and we should just wait til January 1st is mythical and does not exist.  We believe our own excuses and even get ourselves all hyped up into thinking that once January 1st comes we are going to take great action and conquer great goals.  The truth is we just wasted 2-3 weeks of working towards those goals, making progress, and have in some cases set ourselves even further behind while waiting for this magical dust to fall at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Check out the video and if you need further help focusing your goals and creating concrete actions and accountability, I encourage you to pick up a copy of my book, everyday WARRIOR, now available on Amazon.

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