It Always Seems Impossible Until it’s Done!

Monday’s Motivational Mantra – “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”― Nelson Mandela 💪 It’s always unknown before it’s done. Even the next minute is unknown until it is over and past and we know how it was spent. It is not something to be feared and held frozen by that fear of the unknown. Rather we must turn the tables and look to embrace it and command how the unknowns will go. 💪 Action breeds results. Take the leap of faith, begin an action, and watch the unknowns become known, the path we couldn’t see at the start becomes clearer and we gain the confidence to see it through until it is done. You don’t think you can do something? You don’t know, but in making the attempt you find you are more than capable, even if the path is not straight. You may have to work harder, learn more, work differently, but it is possible. With every action you gain confidence and power and momentum to keep going and see something through until it’s done. 💪 Embrace the challenge of doing something greater. Make the impossible become possible. Own it and dictate the unknowns rather than being frozen by them. Attack with a relentless pursuit knowing you can and you will accomplish what once seemed impossible. #RiseandConquer

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