You Never Regret the Work You Did….

Its not “Can you?”, but rather, “Are you going to?” You may not necessarily “feel” like it, but if we only worked on goals when we felt like it we would never accomplish anything of greatness. ~

Today was one of those days where although I woke up this morning fired up to get in the gym tonight, as the day’s events wore on my intense focus was a bit off. Not coming to the gym was never a thought. The work was going to get done with every ounce of focus, effort, and energy I had in me. Because physically I was more than ready. ~

I run through my own mental checklist when feeling off. Did I eat properly to fuel my body for this workout and for my goals this week? YES! Did I get enough sleep, rest, and recovery last night and the days in between workouts? YES! Am I warmed up, stretched and ready? YES! With that checklist all clear then the only question left is, ”Are you going to do what must be done & be an unstoppable, undeniable force & conquer every rep, set, and exercise?” Yes! It’s me, or you and there is no one to stop you but you! You don’t regret the work you did!


Now…”whatcha gonna do?”

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