Tale of Two Chapters

Here we go….this isn’t really a transformation. It is simply a matter of goals at the time and education. The picture at left was 8 or 9 years ago. I wasn’t competing at the time, and hadn’t in a while. My training never stopped. The only goal was to lift hard, lift heavy, and get as strong & big as possible. It wasn’t about looks…and it still isn’t. To that end I was hitting my goals. I tracked my nutrition then too, and was conscious of food choices to reach my goals. Eating was not a free for all; my goals were simply different. I also did not track things as closely as I do now nor did I have the extent of the in depth knowledge that I do now. I knew a lot then, but learning is am ongoing process. 💪 The picture on the right was taken at last year’s DFAC World Finals. It was my best condition & presentation to date and I am out to improve upon that this year. My goals are simply different & my knowledge is at a different point as well. 💪 Both pictures are real & genuine & simply two snapshots along a continuum of a passion that has burned for 25 years. 💪 Everyone is on their own journey, writing their own chapter, and at different places in their story. There is no right or wrong and one is not better than the other. 💪 It took me a while to decide to share this. Ultimately, both were parts of my journey and equally important and productive. With each phase accomplished, I have set new goals, greater goals, and must align my focus to reach those goals. Its not about looks, popularity, or current fads. Its about the burning desire to follow my passion, do what I once thought impossible and be better than I used to be! #RiseandConquer

Seize the Day

Today is the day!! This is your day. You chose what to do with it, how you will spend it, and how it will go. You can make the most of it be deciding to do so. 💪 It is not a chore or burden. It is time to live, enjoy life, and pursue your happiness. 💪 Be grateful for what you have. Appreciate how far you have come. Know where you want to go. Narrow your focus, out your head down, and work to get there. 💪 Achieve greater. Be better than you were yesterday. Take the risk. Take action. Confront the obstacles. And…#RiseandConquer

It Always Seems Impossible Until it’s Done!

Monday’s Motivational Mantra – “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”― Nelson Mandela 💪 It’s always unknown before it’s done. Even the next minute is unknown until it is over and past and we know how it was spent. It is not something to be feared and held frozen by that fear of the unknown. Rather we must turn the tables and look to embrace it and command how the unknowns will go. 💪 Action breeds results. Take the leap of faith, begin an action, and watch the unknowns become known, the path we couldn’t see at the start becomes clearer and we gain the confidence to see it through until it is done. You don’t think you can do something? You don’t know, but in making the attempt you find you are more than capable, even if the path is not straight. You may have to work harder, learn more, work differently, but it is possible. With every action you gain confidence and power and momentum to keep going and see something through until it’s done. 💪 Embrace the challenge of doing something greater. Make the impossible become possible. Own it and dictate the unknowns rather than being frozen by them. Attack with a relentless pursuit knowing you can and you will accomplish what once seemed impossible. #RiseandConquer

Powerful Beyond Measure

Monday’s Motivational Mantra – “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.” – Marianne Williamson Why not us? Why do we stop ourselves from living our full potential by caving to the thoughts of what we think we can’t be or do, rather than focusing on the thoughts of what we truly can do and be? Be you. End of story. Forget the expectations, the filters, the judgment of others. “Your playing small does not serve the world.” We are significant and that significance can only be brought to light if we stand up and live it to its fullest. Own who we are, where we are, and all that we are and will become. We are powerful beyond measure. #RiseandConquer

Overcome Obstacles: Through the Never

The only way to get past what holds you back is to face it and conquer it. To struggle is not a bad thing. It is necessary for growth and progress. Accept it and use it as a means to explore all your thoughts and plans. It will lead to clarity and with clarity brings action.


Whatever is holding you back from your goals, whether fitness and nutrition related, personal goals, work goals….whatever it is confront it. Understand why you constantly put it off or ignore it and then plan to attack it head on. Left alone that one thing builds to become a much greater obstacle than it really is. 💪

Embrace the struggle. Allow yourself to go through it in order to gain that plan of action to get through, past and beyond that point. Progress is the goal and it isn’t always meant to be comfortable or easy.


Rise and conquer & let nothing stand in your way! @naturalprofitnesscoaching @shieldsofstrength @barbellapparel

Success is in the Attempt, not the Result

Saw this the other day and it has a great message that applies outside the gym as well. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you made the “lift”…(or fill in the blank). What matters most is that you made the attempt with everything you had within you. It’s the doing that breeds success, not the result that determines success.


Apply yourself to whatever it is that lies ahead of you, whether it be a job, a chore, school, yard work, or a training session. Give your best effort and commit to excellence. #RiseandConquer

Goals and Traveling…Commit Before you Leave the House

There’s always going to be an excuse….don’t excuse yourself. You have goals and it is important to keep that commitment to yourself in order to meet and exceed those goals.


I’m traveling over the holiday weekend here and so made the commitment and plan ahead of time of exactly how I would enjoy the time yet stick to my goals. 


Meal prep and planning were the biggest task to work out, but remember this is a lifestyle by choice and not a punishment. Yes, there are plenty of food options and different variety than when I plan my meals at home. The reality is….no one really cares what you’re eating but you. Know what you need to do to hit your goals and do it. Ice cream, for example, has macro nutrients and portion sizes. You can track them and work them in to your day’s plan I’d you choose to. There are definitely some sacrifices to be made but again, a little planning and understanding your needs and goals will go a long way.


Ultimately, it comes down to you. You are in control, even when away from home and out of your routine & comfort zone. You control what you eat. You control whether you fuel up with the right nutrients and the correct balance of nutrients. You control whether your training stays on track, or if you change it up to fit your situation for a few days and add in a different type of training. In today’s leg workout, I got to use equipment I have never used before, just because it was there! 


You also are in control if you choose not to stick to your commitment to reach goals and give in to whatever excuse you can accept and rationalize. 


It all comes down to you. Variety, planning and flexibility are key to moving forward and keeping yourself accountable in any situation. If I can do it, you can do it. #RiseandConquer @dymatize @dymatizeprewo @shieldsofstrength @naturalprofitnesscoaching

You Never Regret the Work You Did….

Its not “Can you?”, but rather, “Are you going to?” You may not necessarily “feel” like it, but if we only worked on goals when we felt like it we would never accomplish anything of greatness. ~

Today was one of those days where although I woke up this morning fired up to get in the gym tonight, as the day’s events wore on my intense focus was a bit off. Not coming to the gym was never a thought. The work was going to get done with every ounce of focus, effort, and energy I had in me. Because physically I was more than ready. ~

I run through my own mental checklist when feeling off. Did I eat properly to fuel my body for this workout and for my goals this week? YES! Did I get enough sleep, rest, and recovery last night and the days in between workouts? YES! Am I warmed up, stretched and ready? YES! With that checklist all clear then the only question left is, ”Are you going to do what must be done & be an unstoppable, undeniable force & conquer every rep, set, and exercise?” Yes! It’s me vs.me, or you vs.you and there is no one to stop you but you! You don’t regret the work you did!


Now…”whatcha gonna do?”

One second between Fear and Greatness

They say everything you want is on the other side of fear.  This picture was that precise moment for me this morning. With yesterday being Father’s Day, I chose to not go to the gym to train legs, and instead decided to go to the gym before work Monday morning, around 6 am.  It was leg day and we have just started a new training program that includes heavy leg presses.  These are something I have loved and have always been able to really load up the weight on.  However a few years back I had a slight pain, maybe more than slight pain, which I eventually learned was due to a very tight TFL and IT band and launched me into the world of self myo-fascial release techniques and self care.  I healed but that experience definitely left it’s mark with me mentally.   Around the same time as the injury, we had switched gyms, which opened up a great deal of exercise variety and options.  Pete and I have used the leg press for several programs after that and I have had no further issues.  However, getting back to heavy leg presses, does stick in the back of my mind.

Getting back to this morning….Pete wasn’t there and I was training alone.  I had the thoughts and questions of how to handle the leg press today – do I go all out and load up the weight I wanted, or do I back off and switch it up since Pete wasn’t there and I wouldn’t have peace of mind having him there.  It took some rational and honest evaluation of the situation.   I did this weight last week.  When the sled is loaded up, the safeties on the machine are in place for a reason, if something goes wrong. Plus, there really isn’t much Pete or I could do for the other as far as pushing the sled with that much weight on it.  So it came down to me.  I knew I had eaten well all week, slept well, warmed up and stretched properly. There was no reason not to go for it all.  I wanted to do more than last week.  I wanted to move forward and be better than before.

And with that it was time to work or move on.  Thus the picture.  In that moment, the sled is loaded up, but not yet in motion. It sits securely on the pins.  It only takes one decision and action to conquer the fears, the unknowns, and to crossover into the world of action, reality, and success.  Everything is in place and ready.  All I need to do is push the sled and move the sled to start the set. One action. With a confident and focused mind, I put my goals into action and powered through every set of leg presses.  I got more reps than I had last week in each set and every rep was full and deep.  Each set drove me on to the next set.  By the last set, I was focused on “daring to fail.”  I wanted to see how far I could go until either the weight no longer would move and I would fail on a rep, or until the form broke.  It is a very powerful feeling to conquer a challenge.

The rest of the workout had that same intensity and determination.  Overall it was a great workout, and my legs will pay the price for success for the next few days.

I share this story as an example.  We all have that moment between fear and action.  Do or do not.  There is something that we must answer for ourselves each day – whether to take the risk and move closer to accomplishing goals and dreams, or delay them for another day.  The challenge is not relegated to the gym.  It could be a phone call we need to make, a conversation that must be had, questions to be asked when we fear the answers but need to know.  It may be fitness, sport, or nutrition related.

The fear is only in our mind.  It is often the fear of the unknown that keeps us frozen and from taking action.  But here is the challenge I have for you, and one that I use over and over -just as I did this morning in the gym.  If it is our thoughts that create the fearful scenario, why can’t we change the thoughts and create a more positive outcome and scenario?  For me, it was switching my mindset from a fear of the unknown to telling and visualizing myself doing exactly what I wanted to accomplish in that workout.

So I challenge you.  Instead of creating fear in your mind, change your mindset and create, visualize, and act on creating success and action that brings those thoughts into the realm of reality.