The Struggle, the process, and Success

We are capable of anything.  I firmly believe there is nothing we cannot accomplish when we set our mind to it and put our best plans into action.  However, that alone takes work.  There is much that goes into deciding where we focus our energy, how we carry out our plans and the actions required to accomplish the greatest of goals.  It is a process and this is where I am at right now.

Having a goals is sometimes the easy part.  Detailing the path to reach those goals is often the harder piece.  That is where I find myself at the moment.  I know the goals.  The goals are lofty, and long term.  They have been the driving force behind my actions, training, and nutrition for the past year.  As the details continue to evolve, I tend to reexamine the path and my plans to be sure I am doing all that I can and not leaving anything unturned.

To be honest, it is a process.  It takes some time.  It usually starts with some loose ends.  For me, it is the start of a new training cycle.  We just started a new program last week.  This means, new exercises, new rep ranges, adding in some exercises I have never done before so I get to be a beginner again, and also pairing different muscle groups together in each workout.  With that comes the questions… are these exercises good enough this time around?  Should I swap out certain exercises for others?  Am I working hard enough to produce the desired results?

With the workouts underway, I am feeling much more confident and comfortable with the new routine.  The movements seem more natural as I find the groove and can start zeroing in on the weights and rep ranges I want to hit.  This turns my attention to the other components of my goal  – how is my nutrition and what type of cardio do I need to do at this time.

I eat on a plan.  I calculate macros and plan my meals according to those goals.  While I am not competing at this moment, I have been consistent in meal planning, but also have been able to enjoy a wider variety of meals and still meet my macros or stay close on some occasions when I know I am going to indulge in something outside of my plan.

All of this leads to some inner turmoil and questioning and soul searching.  I have learned that is is a very valuable part of the process and it is best to embrace this uneasiness and let my mind explore every avenue.  Most times this lasts a few days.  I feel anxious, not settled and my mind entertains a myriad of thoughts, questions, hypotheticals, and doubts.  But as it does, I start to gain clarity.  This is the beauty of the process.  Through the darkness, through the restlessness and discontent comes a clear and certain path, which becomes a plan, which becomes actions.  With that the fire is stoked higher, the breakthrough is complete and I proceed with a drive and determination that is unbelievably powerful.

I am also very concrete.  As I come through this process, I will at some point sit down and put all of it on paper.  I need to see it and work out all the details of my nutrition, my cardio plans, my calendar and timeline and lay it all out in front of me.  With that I have my blueprint and I continue building, working and executing the best plans I have laid out for myself.

Iron is forged through heat, pressure, fire, and impact.  We are the same way.  Do not believe the fallacy that everything is easy; that you simply have a goal and go do it.  Action is criticial, but it can’t be aimless.  Calculated action with purpose, meaning, and direction is what we are after.  Allow yourself to struggle. Let yourself go through the process. Much like the iron, we come out stronger, sharper, and better than we were before.

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