A Healthy Celebration by Regina Gunn Arndt


As we celebrate the Fourth of July with BBQ’s, beer and fireworks, we also take a moment to thank our veterans and our current military for all they have done, are doing now, and will do. Being a military wife has opened my eyes up to so much more then us “civilians” ever get to see. Generally, we do not get to spend this day of celebration with our spouses, they all don’t get holidays off. Heck, they may even be deployed. However, we celebrate our freedom, and our loved ones that sacrifice their freedoms for us. Regina Gunn
Not only am I a military wife, but a personal trainer who loves to focus on nutrition and proper supplementation. I believe that what you put in it is what you’re going to get out of it. You put in junk, or not enough nutrients, and you’re not going to function to your full potential, and have zero energy. If you eat right, use proper supplementation to fill in the gaps, drink your water, and get your workouts in, you’ll have enough energy to get through your day and sleep like a baby. This can be hard at times for our active duty men and women to do, especially if they are deployed. 
My husband says, “You pick up one of two habits when you deploy. You either start smoking, or workout.” Of course my husband chooses the latter, and it puts a huge smile on my face when he starts training with new guys in the gym. Their results in just 6 months are incredible. Why? They stay hydrated, they eat consistently good calories, supplement, and work out hard in the gym. When being deployed, they are not always offered what they need nutritionally, so it is imperative to use safe and effective supplements. What so many young people in our military, and in general, don’t realize, is that your supplements may not be safe, or even effective. 
Supplements are not regulated by the FDA, they are not required to be. So what is that you’re taking from the vitamin store down the street? The guy behind the counter may not know either. I encourage you to do your homework, because some may contain banned substances that can get you fired. Our military is given a list of supplements from various vitamin stores that they are not permitted to take. This can cost them their job, and as a personal trainer, I’m in the same boat. I need to know what’s going in my body, as well as my family and clients bodies. There are companies that do test for these banned substances, and ensure their safety. My studio, for instance, carries AdvoCare, which uses a third party to test their products, ensuring it’s safe for us all to use. 
We all need to be intentional in the way we treat our bodies. We need a strong and healthy military to protect us. So, this 4th of July, thank a veteran, thank an airmen or a solider and get healthy together. We all deserve a healthy celebration! 
-Regina Gunn Arndt, C-PT
 Gunn’s Fitness, LLC
Regina Gunn Arndt, C-PT
AdvoCare Independent Distributor 
Gunn’s Fitness, LLC

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now, and make a brand new ending.”


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