The New Year Ain’t Nothing

It is almost one week in to the New Year.  Pete and I are starting week two of our newest training program and if week one was any indication, week 2 is going to be brutal and so is each week after this.  How are we starting week 2 before week one of the new year is even here?  Simple, we didn’t wait to start our new program when the calendar turned the page.  Nothing magical happened after the ball dropped in NYC.  We had goals and a schedule and after a week or so off from our last program our next lifting program was set to start before New Year’s Day.

Training at 2 new gyms this year has been a great asset in terms of having new and diverse equipment to use and add to our exercise arsenal.  It has allowed us to become beginners again for certain exercises and equipment and go through the process of mastering something new over and over.   This cycle again has a few new exercises, and a few old ones we haven’t used in years.

With every program we aim to use completely different exercises than the last program, but also make it a point to work with movements that target the muscles from different angles, as well as different hand and foot positions.  But being a beginner affords a chance to feel the muscles in a different way, focus on the form of the movement and feel the full range of the movement.  When we first start, weight is never an issue or focus as the primary goal is from and feel.  It is a great feeling after so many years in the gym to be able to still find new exercises and be a complete beginner again.  Plus, it adds a new aspect to our training and makes for great workouts.

So tonight we begin, round 2!  I am fired up and can’t wait!

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