The Final 10 Weeks

10 weeks and I am definitely in full pre-contest mode.  My weight is finally starting to drop a bit on the scale, and my eating is seemingly right on at the moment.  I have been eating more carbs on lifting days than off days, and I think that has helped keep my eating steady. I have had virtually no cravings or hungry days – not that I am starving myself or anything like that.  I had gone 2 weeks without even wanting a cheat day. I finally built one in last weekend just because I thought it would be a good time to break the monotony.

I am happy with the way things are progressing, but I still have my moments of thinking 10 weeks is right around the corner.  The other night I even had a dream that for a cheat meal I was eating hot dogs and kept telling myself, in my dream, that I could have such better meals than that but I couldn’t stop eating them anyway! I actually woke up in a panic thinking I had ruined everything!  But other than that things are going great at the moment.

We wrapped up our last lifting cycle last week, took some time off, and are have started a new workout  program.  I am itching to get back in there later today, lift something, and keep working toward reaching my goals.

On a separate note, having done the interview for Natural Fitness Addiction, was an extremely positive and motivating experience.  I was surprised to even be asked, but extremely pumped by all the positive feedback It received.  Thank you to any of you that saw it and took the time to read it.  I greatly am humbled by that.

In the coming week, I am looking forward to a great week of workouts with all out  intensity and momentum.   I plan to leave my eating as is this week and keep up my cardio as well.  I will weigh in at the gym today to see how things are, but also will be keeping a check in the mirror and how I feel to be sure I am on the right course.  So stay tuned,  and thank you for reading this and taking the journey with me.

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