9 Weeks Out

If there is one thing I am good at it is tracking things by writing them down.  I have my training log, nutrition log, cardio log. … I even write daily lists of everything I need to do in a day.  This is great for so many reasons, but this week I have learned it can also be a bit of a curse.

For the past several weeks I have started to become more concerned that the number on the scale was not moving much.  More importantly,  it was not moving like it did when preparing for my last contest.  I know this, because I took great notes.   Visually, I believe my physique looks different at this point than it did at the same point for my last competition.  I look harder and tighter, with less smooth bulk, and I am more vascular already.  But I have been hung up on the numbers on the scale.

The past few days I have been going over my nutrition plan, wondering maybe I had miscalculated some portion  of it or that I had missed something.  Instead, in my search to find an error, I actually made an error in re-calculating the numbers, and learned my initial plan was correct and everything is right where it should be.

Finally yesterday after our workout, I headed down to an empty locker room with a larger mirror and decent lighting and hit a few mandatory poses.  It is amazing what good lighting will do!  From what I saw I am in good position for being 9 weeks away from stepping on stage.   I looked thick, hard, with some striations coming in through my shoulders and chest and nice cuts all around.

My conclusion, and plan moving forward, is to let go of my past notes and focus on where I am right now.  I will probably still step on the scale as a guide, but I will no longer be hung up on the number.  I am going to use that mirror to judge and monitor my progress and  as it gets closer to show time, I will  then make adjustments in  my eating or training as needed.  I have to keep reminding myself that 9 weeks is actually over 2 months away  and I need to be patient and progress will be slow and steady.

This probably all sounds silly, but it is what has been bugging me all week  and part of the  learning process in the latest phase of my journey.


2 thoughts on “9 Weeks Out

    1. Hi Mark. I saw your question on Facebook before I saw this comment, but for anyone else interested it is the Natural Northeast Bodybuilding & Figure Championships in Rochester, NY on April 14th. It is promoted by Natural Muscle Association.

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