13 weeks and counting

Today is officially 13 weeks out from my pro debut. Time seems to be flying and I am a little antsy. While rationally,just over 3 months is a long time, the neurotic voice in my head doesn’t agree. The questions have begun- will I be ready? Am I eating enough? Am I doing enough cardio? What posing music will I use? When will I get a routine ready? And a whole list of questions that most of the time I can keep in check, but every once in a while can get the best of me and drive me nuts.
I feel great. Lifting has been incredible. This workout program has been awesome and the combination of exercises are great. Every workout feels good and increases my motivation and passion.
Cardio is moving along. I have just started to do 4 sessions a week. Two of those sessions are HIIT cardio on the elliptical machine which I must say is a bit torturous, yet I am growing fond of the torture. Along with cardio I am directly working my abs twice a week. It is one area I want to improve upon.
Eating has been very consistent. My meals are all planned out, including any cheat meals and so there are no surprises. The hardest days are those where I am home most of the day and could easily graze through the kitchen all day long. But that is more comfort hunger,and not because I am starving. I really haven’t cut calories much yet as I am still training hard and simply letting the cardio boost my metabolism to take care of any extra calories. I will probably step on the scale tomorrow just to see where my weight is at, as it has been probably almost 2 weeks since I checked.
From my own observations, I think I am right on schedule(when I am not driving myself nuts). My waist is small around, judging by my belt loops, I can see some veins in places I usually hadn’t before, and when I practice posing even more come out.
I have started to search for the right music, or combination of music to use for this competition. As a pro, the time limit is now 2 minutes, which is 30 seconds longer than I was allowed as an amateur. I would like to settle on mu music early so I have more time to prepare a routine and really have it down. Plus it is one less thing to worry about as this contest gets closer.
Today is a complete off day for me – no gym, no cardio, and I am taking advantage of the rest time. Tomorrow it is back to the gym and I will be mentally and physically ready for an explosive leg workout.

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