Pushing 2011 to the limit!

A week ago I wrote about my personal little torture  on the treadmill  of pushing myself to run 3.1 mi straight through – the equivalent of a 5k.  Well today I  was back on the treadmill and determined to do it again.  Last time I hit 3.51 miles so I knew this time I had to  hit that point again.  I was not going to go backwards and fall short of that distance.  Plus, after having shared it with you already,  there was no way I was not going to have the mental toughness to push myself that far again.

I pushed through and  this time I decided not to keep looking at the treadmill monitor.  I just kept running and trying not to focus on anything other than to keep  going.  The tv was on so once a new show came on, I told myself I would hold off looking until the third commercial break.  When I did I was at 3.52 miles and then I kept running.  I was going to push myself farther than last time and make sure 2011 went out with a bang! I ran to the 4 mile mark and then slowed it down and walked another half mile!  Still felt like hell, but it was awesome to  know I did something I didn’t think I could do and that I pushed myself beyond any preconceived limits I thought I had!

Happy New Year!  I will be kicking off 2012 with a morning cardio session just to let 2012 know who’s in charge!

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