The morning after. . .

Pete and I had planned to get in the gym this morning.  Of course when we planned this we had much more drive than after a full day of Christmas activities and food.  This morning I was feeling like a Yule log and not completely sure working out first thing this morning was the best option.  Of course I would rather get legs done first thing than have to think about it all day.

I was still a bit full and out of sorts from yesterday’s meals and a bit tired I guess.  It was just a slow morning where it would be easy to want to stay home and do next to nothing productive.  But that is not what I am about and I was ready and at the gym early.

Once we were warmed up and stretched mentally I was in the zone and ready to put every ounce of energy and intensity into the workout.  Although I wasn’t entirely sure that yesterday’s  meals would not make an unwanted appearance before it was over.

However, after that first set, it was all systems go and there was no doubting or lack of focus.  It was on and we were firing on all cylinders.  Got in a great workout and definitely worth dragging myself there, first thing this morning,  after yesterday’s festivities and delicious meals.

Again the hardest part was getting to the start.  Once we were there, motivation  and action built momentum and there was no turning back.

So if you are dragging today and contemplating skipping a workout or giving yourself the day to “recover”  – forget it – get your ass in the gym and do what you know you must do.  Trust me – you will not regret it later.


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