Fired up!!

We just finished an intense chest and bicep workout which was just unreal.  Each workout seems to top the last one in effort and intensity.  I am just blown away  with where we are at in the gym.

At the moment, we are definitely running on all cylinders.  The training is through the roof.  I am cranking out the cardio and actually enjoying it! Imagine that.  It seems with cardio, that once I get into a rhythm with it and am doing it consistently I actually thrive on it.  I have been looking forward to doing it and haven’t even been listening to music to get me through it.

I am looking forward to this journey as we continue to push the limits in and out of the gym of what we once thought possible and continue to make gains and set new goals.

Right now I am having the time of  my life with all of this.  Not just the training and bodybuilding, but meeting new people, new opportunities, building this blog, the facebook page, all of it has just been awesome.

There is definitely a lot of positive energy and motivation around right now and I am loving every minute of it.

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