Under the nutrition tab I posted a pic of the 2 turkeys I bought over the weekend while the prices were super cheap on frozen turkeys. I love Thanksgiving as a holiday and part of that love comes from sitting down in front of a meaty turkey and knowing I will be eating turkey for days after.  Turkey is a great source of lean protein and so I have learned to take advantage of these Thanksgiving fire sales.

I am not even cooking the Thanksgiving turkey this year, so both of these 22lb. turkeys are going to be cooked and used at some point as a break from eating chicken.  The sales were too good to pass up, as the turkey is priced at 1/4 the price per pound as chicken breasts.  22lbs. of turkey can go a long way for one person and it will!

I easily could have brought home 3 or 4 turkeys but 44lbs. is plenty of turkey and guaranteed to last me a while.  Both turkeys fit very nicely, each on their own shelf, in my freezer and while I didn’t consider it  at the store, I am not sure I could have fit  more turkeys in there, so it was probably a good decision to stop at 2.

So there you have it – my reasoning for stocking up on turkeys this time of year.  In trying to meet my protein needs, I want to be  a smart shopper and stretch my money as best I can to get the most bang, or in this case  -protein, for my buck.  Now if only chicken would have sales once or twice a year like this, I could really stock up (& buy a bigger freezer)!


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