21 1/2 weeks – pre-turkey updates!!

As of today there are 21 and a half weeks before I make my pro debut.  I have my plans laid out that I need to follow and execute in order to arrive at that competition in my best condition yet.

Over the past week or two I have bumped my cardio sessions up by about 5 minutes each.  I am only doing 3 cardio sessions per week and won’t increase the length of the sessions any further.  As I progress I will add additional sessions, but three sessions per week has been my normal routine throughout this “off-season.”  In reality, there is no such thing.

Pete and I are In the midst of a great workout program.  I have been enjoying the intensity and also pairing up tri’s with back and bi’s with chest.  I feel we have  been able to bring more intensity to those bodyparts and each rep just feels massive.

On the nutritional front, I am eating clean as usual and keeping a detailed record of what I eat, but I am by no means dieting or cutting calories.  I am eating no different than I do pretty much year round.  I may be just a bit more aware of times I want to eat cheat meals and what exact foods I am willing to eat.  Other than that it is eating as usual.  I actually think the combination of eating, lifting, and the cardio is resulting in less bodyfat this off-season, but yet my weight has not changed, so I think I have maintained and perhaps added some muscle mass.

That’w where things are at right now.  I am looking forward to hitting the grocery store this weekend to stock up on frozen turkeys!  And then next week my most favorite of holiday meals – turkey day!!


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