New Year’s is Not a Myth

Happy New Year. Every one says it.  It is indeed the start of a new year.  But what is different about it?  What makes today any different than any other day?  No fairy dust fell on us at midnight, nothing magical happened that would mark today different compared to any other day.  It is a Sunday, as it is Sunday every 7 days and has been that way long since we were even born.  It is January, another routine event.  We woke up, which in itself is a blessing, yet our bodies did not transform in any way because it is a new year.  But, something is different about today and all the days to come.  New Year’s is not a myth.  It is not meant to be a fad or an excuse for anything.  Today has an effect on our very core, our psyche, our emotions, and our mindset.  This day, January 1,  concretely marks the start of a new year and the end of an old one. 2016 is officially over, even if it is only in a calendar, which for the most part is intangible.  However, with today, the very first day of a brand new year, does come something magical…opportunity.

The magic is in the opportunity and the promise that today holds, and the days following this one shall hold.  It speaks to many of us, as a clean slate, a fresh start, a break with the old and what we have done, or not done over the past year. Our hopes are high that this year will be better, that we will be even better, than last year.  In that optimism lies great vision and intentions.  That alone is magical.

In the fitness world, so much happens around the first of the year.  People resolve to eat better, get in better shape, join a gym, lose weight, gain muscle, get ready for summer, and the list goes on.  None of that is to be laughed at, as I sometimes see online and occasionally in person as gyms and fitness centers become more crowded for the next few weeks with new beginners, before attendance slowly drops off over the next month or so.  For every one of us was once a beginner who made the decision to try.  I applaud every person who walks into a gym for the first time, or the first time again, and vows to do work and make changes this year.  It can be an intimidating first step, but it is a huge and powerful first step.  The real challenge is finding the education and strategies to keep going beyond the first few weeks of the month.

Many in the fitness industry, myself included, often refer to the fact that you do not need a new year, a new month, or a Monday, to start to take action.  This is true.  Any day, any given moment when you decide to take action is the right time to start something new, start over, or take that one step forward.  Your body does not record the date, the time, or the season.  It only records the actions and the results.   However, today is different.  Today is the start of something new.  Today is the beginning page of an unwritten story, a book with wide open blank pages.  How will you begin your story today?  Believe in the opportunity. Take hold of the hope and positive energy.  Make today the start of what you see to be great.

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