Mental Tenacity: Rendering Excuses Invalid

As with all my Facebook and blog posts, the thoughts I share come from my own thoughts, experiences, and most days I am not sure whether they make sense to anyone but me. My earlier Facebook post today, was just that – a conversation with myself in my own head.
Today was a cardio day. HIIT jump rope was on the agenda. For whatever reason, I am dragging a bit today.  I have pushed hard in every workout this week, conquered stair sprints earlier in the week for cardio, and also have been out in the heat and humidity working on my deck. For any number of reasons, I could easily have said to myself, “I have done good enough this week. Let’s rest today.”  I am extremely alert in listening to my body, but I knew today that “good enough” was not good enough. I ran through the list of excuses.

– my macros dropped just a bit this week – perhaps I am feeling that?  Nope – in every gym workout this week I have seen the reps or weight go up compared to last week.  That’s not it.

– maybe I didn’t sleep well?  I was in bed on time and got up when I wanted with no alarm. I would say I slept just fine.  Maybe not as restful as it should be, but who knows.  That is not a valid excuse.  I know I wasn’t awake all night, and didn’t wake up during the night, so that is good enough for me.

– I worked out hard this week and did the stair sprints, so maybe I am worn out?  Again my workouts were intense and focused and I saw progress in every one.  I may be a bit worn out, but I have fueled my body optimally all week, have had plenty of water and fluids and have been in bed at a decent time all week.  Besides, this cardio takes 17-23 minutes and it’s done.  I have a whole day of stuff to do, regardless.  Why not use those 17-23 minutes and then be tired the rest of the day?

I worked outside in the sun all week?  Again – I was careful with myself to not be out in the worst heat during the day and increased my water intake to be sure I stayed hydrated each and every day. Plus, it’s early yet so the temps and humidity will only get worse if I wait til later to do my cardio.

And that was it.  All excuses were proven invalid. It was time to simply do what I knew needed to be done and to do it with every ounce of energy and focus I had.

And so it began.  The first round was a little rough and I felt clumsy on my feet. I had a quick thought of just stopping there.  But it was a quick thought and in the next round I nailed it and felt great.  The switch had flipped and the battle was on.  I wasn’t going down until it was over.  From there, I was unstoppable and while it was only cardio, it was one of my best jump rope HIIT sessions to date.

Don’t be so quick to give in to your excuses.  They are always plentiful and ready to come out.  Work through them.  Decide what is true and what is just a feeling.  Then, make the adjustments, and proceed to act.  That’s how progress gets made and how the greatest of goals become reality.

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