If You Want What You’ve Never Had, You Must Do What You’ve Never Done

That title quote has been the leading principle for the past year and a half after stepping off stage at the DFAC Worlds in 2014.  I wanted to work with the feedback I got after that competition from the judges in order to be even better and out do my previous best on stage, the next time I compete.  This didn’t mean abandoning everything we had done in the past, but I knew I would need to do some things I have never done in order to push myself further and harder.

We began training at a 2 different gyms.  That gave us, new and different equipment and opened up a whole new aspect to our training.  With every training program since then, I have been able to incorporate new exercises we have never done, equipment we have never used before, all aimed at improving and pushing myself to be better than I was.

Having just completed the third week of this training program, I feel great and am enjoying the newer exercises.  At this point, the form and motion of each one has settled in and we are beginning to push the weight and intensity on those to get the most out of every set.  It is a great feeling as not only does my confidence build with each workout, but also as it adds to the mindset of wanting to push limits and see how far I can take each and every set in terms of reps, weight, or just going until failure.  Having never done some of these before there is no gauge as to how light or heavy I can go  – it’s all relative at this point. There is great momentum each week as the progress continues.  This past week was no different and I am already thinking about how to make this coming week that much harder and more challenging. It is time to raise the bar yet again!

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