A New Year, A New You

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Time and time again Pete and I have watched, what we call, the New Year’s Rush where people flock to the gym right after the New Year with the best intentions to get in shape and eat better.  The gym gets crowded for about 3 weeks or so. By the end of the month most of the New Year’s crowd is gone and while a few will stay with their new program and succeed at reaching their goals, many don’t.
We thought it was time to step up and help people develop the knowledge, motivation, and tools to be able to consistently stick to their goals and then to aim for even greater goals.

The New Year, New You Program is an online fitness consulting model in which we will provide the tools and support needed for you to start the new year with your own health and fitness goals in mind and to be able to push past that critical stage where so many people drop off.  We want you to be successful.  We want you to develop and incorporate the healthy fitness and nutrition habits into your lifestyle so that they become as automatic and routine as tying your shoes or brushing your teeth each day.

This initial program will last 6 weeks.  In that time frame we will provide both fitness and nutrition tips and plans as well as weekly video chats to keep you accountable and on track to meeting your goals.  We also offer unlimited access to ask questions, request more information, or to make changes as needed to your plans.  We also offer perhaps the biggest obstacle we often hear from people – motivation.  People tell us quite often that motivation is where they fail.  We see it every year. When the New Year starts people have plenty of motivation to get started and set lofty goals.  But a few weeks in, the mood has left, we are all back to the daily grind and the days seem no different than any other days of the year and so the motivation drops and the goals start to fade away.  We are here to get you past that hump and continue to make and see progress that will start to drive your own internal motivation.

We are offering 10% off for anyone signing up before December 15th.  We would like to keep the groups small so that they remain personal and we can provide individualized attention, and so openings are limited.  We also want to get out some information and tools before the start of the program to help people navigate the holidays and be ready to go on January 1.

Email me for more information and pricing.  Sign up today.

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