Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

I just conquered my cardio workout this morning and it was a new one for me.  I ran HIIT sprints outside on a track. I ran the straight always and walked the curves.  I have been planning on this workout for a week and the anxiety of doing it was much worse than the actual workout.  For me, this is all a bit new.  I have done the sprints before, once maybe twice.  But that was long ago, on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.  Most of my cardio sessions are done either at home or in a cardio room very early in the morning when I am the only one in there.  The thought of actually being outside, in public, on a track where other people, who actually run, are working out is a bit daunting – or was anyway.  I am not a runner and make no attempt to hide that fact.  Plus, even though I can get onstage in front of a packed auditorium in just posing trunks, I find the idea of doing things I don’t usually do in a public place that I don’t usually go a bit awkward.

But there would be no excuses, (and there were many running through my head this morning) I headed over to the track this morning.  I even wore a sleeveless shirt (another thing I never do in public).  I got there and found 3 older people walking the track.  I found them somewhat motivating and Love that they are out there exercising.  I popped in my headset and something clicked when I hit that track.  I was comfortable.  I was determined.  I was feeling the adrenaline build even as I warmed up by walking the front stretch.  It was the same feeling I get when preparing to get in the gym for a weight workout.  I was pumped.  All the worry and anxiety was gone and I was fired up.

I attacked those sprints like there was no tomorrow.  I surprised myself at how much stamina I had.  I really thought I would barely make it a few laps, just because I never run outdoors.  I loved feeling my quads working and pushing me further down the track and the pump they were getting.  I just kept going.  It did get challenging and I kept telling myself to keep going.  I had thoughts of getting on stage in the fall and the work that must be done to go from here to there and I already have the plan worked out.  Today was simply another day of executing that plan.  It felt awesome.

To go further than we ever have we must do what we have never done.  Do more, expect more, challenge more and push harder than ever before.  That lesson was reiterated for me today.  I am ready  to keep going and am looking forward to my next session on that track.  I can do better than I did today and I will push harder to out-do what I accomplished this morning!

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