My first official “Meet and Greet” … thing!

Next weekend I will be a bodybuilding show at the Gymface booth to meet people and promote their clothing line.  I like their stuff and am looking forward to seeing their new fall line this next week.  I have just posted or announced that I will be at this show next weekend and will do a meet and greet inviting people to stop by and chat with me  at the booth.  For me, this is an incredible opportunity come true as well as terrifying on so many levels.  The idea that I get to promote fitness and health, natural bodybuilding, and motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle is awesome to me.  I am passionate about this and to be able to talk, listen and share things with others is incredible.  I am very fortunate that Gymface has given me the chance to be able to do this type of thing. 

The flip side of this is my own limited and humble thinking – why would anyone want to talk to me about fitness, training, nutrition, etc.  I am always amazed that people will find me on my fb page and take the time to either ask questions or let me know what my daily posts and ramblings mean to them.  Given there are millions of pages and people on the web, and so many different strategies and opinions on all things fitness, it is something when people find me out of all of that and I can actually have an impact on them.  I cannot tell you how extremely grateful I am for that and how much it means to me every time I interact with people online. 

And so the next phase of this incredible journey will bring me to New Jersey next weekend where I can interact with people face to face.  My hope is I get to meet a bunch of people, make some great connections, and maybe get to snap a few photos with people.  I don’t expect anyone to be there to meet me, but I still hope to interact with a bunch of new people.  It has been mentioned I should bring some 8x10s to sign and give out – again completely foreign to me, but I think I just might and see if I get to give any away!  What an honor that would be. 

I will keep you posted as I prepare for next weekend as well as updates once I am down there and a full report after my first meet and greet thing! 

Train hard!

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