The Fire Burning Within

It all comes down to you.  No one cares that you get up when it is still dark out or that  you have finished a workout before the sun comes up.  No one cares if you go all out in a workout or if you give half an effort on a set or bail on the last rep.  It doesn’t matter to anyone but you if you decide to eat a quart, or half gallon of ice cream.  Not that there is anything wrong with eating ice cream except when you have created a nutritional plan for yourself and ice cream wasn’t part of that plan.  Everyone else will support you and forgive your decisions.  But not you.

It doesn’t matter to anyone what you do or don’t do. The mere fact you have to explain to someone why you do what you do, is reason enough not to bother – they will never understand.  It only matters to you.  It all comes from within.  You hold yourself accountable to your own expectations.  That’s it.  You know when you fail to execute your plan, or half-ass an effort.  Only you understand the significance of hitting snooze and skipping a scheduled workout.  You wrestle with your decisions to do, or not do, alone.  No one else is holding you accountable or putting the pressure on you to follow what you set out to do.

These are your goals.  These are your moments.  Ultimately you do it all for you.  No one else.  No one else knows the passion and fire that burns inside you.  No one else knows the level of commitment you make to yourself.  No one else knows what truly drives you to do what you do.  No one sees you preparing your meals, your workouts, scheduling it all into your day to meet your goals.  That is all you.  Take pride in who you are, what you do and what you will accomplish.  You earn it day in and day out.

One thought on “The Fire Burning Within

  1. This is so well said, so true. All the people at work that make comments about my clean and healthy eating or my need to workout, have no idea what my choices mean to me. I know the disappointment I will feel if I skip my workout or eat unhealthy; they don’t understand. They don’t understand the acceptance of the burn or the pleasure in completing that last rep when you didn’t think you could. Thanks for sharing…your words speak volumes.

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