Stuffed Turkey

After the thanksgiving weekend it seems the holiday season is in full swing.
This has many people talking about holiday eating and their diets going to he'll
and their workout schedule going down the toilet. It also weeks to have people
talking about how much weight they gained in a matter of days.
     But there has been another branch of conversations that I have been hearing
much of this weekend and am encouraged by it's momentum.  W number of people
stuck to their plan and went so far as to go to the gym on thanksgiving! Some of
these people reported that the gym was even crowded! Wow that is great to think
some people have taken on the mindset that thanksgiving is a one day holiday and
not an excuse to go completely nuts for an entire week.
     For me I had a set plan for cardio, lifting, and eating and stuck to it.
Fro that I was proud.  What I didn't account for was how tired I would be at the
end of the weekend after having family up and being on the go with them each
day.  So from that standpoint I feel like a stuffed turkey, simply because I am
tid and a bit off my usual focus and pace.  So I must grab some extra rest
tonight while keeping me meals and cardio on track.  I am surprised at how tired I am,
but still focused and committed to my goals.

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