Final 4 week contest workout

We are just coming off a higher rep program.  With 4 weeks to go before my competition I prefer to use heavier weights and less reps.  This is a program that I could use anytime I want more of a mass building routine, and not just for pre-contest prep.

Day 1:  Legs

Barbell squats 2 x 8-10

Stiff legged deadlifts 1 x 8-10

Day 2:  Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Decline barbell press 2 x 8-10

Incline dumbbell flyes 2 x 8-10

Dumbbell Arnold press 1 or 2 x 8-10
Tricep pushdowns 2 x 8-10

Day 2:  Back, Traps, Biceps

Barbell rows 2 x 8-10

Wide grip pulldowns 2 x 8-10

Dumbbell shrugs 2 x 8-10

Standing Preacher bar curls 2 x 8-10

4 thoughts on “Final 4 week contest workout

  1. Looks good, Frank. I use a similar routine (lower reps – heavier weights) all the way up to the show. My philosophy is if you build your muscles with heavy weight and low reps, it is hard to sustain them with light weight and high reps as many going into pre-contest do. I have tried both methods, and without a doubt, the heavier weights and lower reps have helped me come in holding more muscle and looking a lot more full.

  2. Are 3-4 exercises per 3-4 muscle groups really enough? I like to do 3 muscle groups (2 upper body and 1 legs) per session with 3 exercises on each one as a minimum (9 total)

    1. Lei,
      There are many ways to approach a workout program. For me the lower sets, heavier weights and greater intensity works well. I have trained this way for years but it has evolved over the years as well. For me training harder and in short duration has proved more beneficial than more volume and longer duration. I don’t think there is one right answer. Your program seems sound as well. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Thank you for your comment and taking the time to read my post.

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