Road Map to Success

Much like driving a car coast to coast you can't expect to simply get in the
car on one coast and drive continuously until you reach the other coast.  You
need a plan for resting, refueling, and time to take in the many beautiful
sights in between. Reaching your fitness goals work the same way.  There are
many points in between where you are now and when you want to be.  Each point
should be acknowledged and celebrated as an achievement bringing you one step
closer to your larger goal.
    In pursuit of my own fitness goals I have larger goals such as build mass,
lose bodyfat, gain weight, get ripped, lift more weight, . . . And those are
just lifting goals.  I also set nutritional goals as well.  My goals change
depending on if  I am getting ready for competitions, just finished a
competition, or how far off my next competition will be, aka the off-season.
    Each of my goals is attainable, but I break these down into smaller goals.
The larger goal may be based on reaching it in 16-20 weeks, sometimes longer,
sometimes shorter.  To keep focused and to ensure I am working towards that
goal, I break these down into smaller goals or stepping stones that last only 1-4
Building Blocks of Success
     Short term goals are the building blocks of success in terms of achieving
larger goals.  Without breaking down larger goals into more manageable, and
immediate parts, it is possible to get stuck in a rut and frustrated when
progress slows or seems to stop.  Some of those people I talk with have the
larger goals in set for themselves, but once they start they stay on the same
program and fail to evaluate or adjust their program.  It leads to an all or
nothing mentality which thus leads to disappointment and in some cases people
quit altogether.

     Setting a long term goal comes fairly easily for many people. Decide upon
your own long term goal. Next, take the time to break that goal down into
smaller goals or steps -ones that you can work to achieve in 1-4 weeks. As you
achieve each short term goal, your motivation, determination, and confidence
will build, and like a runaway train your will gain momentum and approach each
next short term goal with more enthusiasm and gater focus for success.
Ultimately, through a well laid out plan, and constant monitoring you will reach
your long term goal, which is no longer a vague idea but rather a precise and
calculated mission.

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