Pre-Workout: Dymatize Xpand2

Back in the fall I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Twitter from Vitamin Shoppe.  It was for Dymatize Nutrition’s new pre-workout powder Xpand2x.  I hadn’t used it and wasn’t looking to win it, I just like Dymatize and so I retweeted the giveway.  As luck would have it, I won and quickly received one container of Xpand2x – Red Raspberry flavor.

Those of you that follow me know I don’t use a wide range of supplements.  I use a whey protein powder, a casein protein powder, and a protein blend for after workouts.  That’s it.  So the opportunity to try this new pre-workout formula left me a bit out of sorts for a day or so.

At bodybuilding competitions, the competitors often receive a small bag of sample products.  I tend to pull out the protein powders or anything else I might want to try first. Most of the samples I toss or give to my training partner, simply because I have no interest in them.  I have tried a few pre-workouts expecting to go in and lift the gym right off its foundation, but that didn’t happen.  Typically my face would tingle and that would be about it.  I am pretty skeptical about trying any new product.

I can tell you, six months later, I have just picked up another container of Xpand2x. I have also tried a few other flavors.  This product has made it into my daily workout routine and if anyone is looking to try a pre-workout supplement, I would recommend trying this one.

I am already fired up before I get to the gym for any workout.  The thought that some powder was going to improve the intensity of our already intense workouts was outrageous to me.  There are some days that I feel if we put any more intensity, effort, or focus into a workout the whole room would explode.  That drive and fire comes from within.  You can’t expect to drink a powder and suddenly feel like Hercules. However, Dymatize’s Xpand2x does add an extra edge to my workouts which I didn’t expect.

The first thing I noticed is that it does make my face tingle a bit, which is fine with me.   As we warm up on the treadmill and begin our light sets and stretching, I can feel my muscles get warm, meaning more blood is flowing to the specific muscle groups targeted for that workout. More blood flow in the muscles results in a better contraction, a better pump, and a more intense workout.

When we go to the gym, the goal is to get in there, hit it hard and get out.  Many times we are dragging through the final sets of that last exercise. While using Xpand2, I noticed I had sharper focus and increased stamina as the workout progressed.  During those final exercises and sets fatigue does set in and I find I can push through and remain focused all the way through the workout. There are times I feel on fire even though we have been hammering out some monstrous, all-out effort sets.

In the time I have used Dymatize’s Xpand2x I have seen my weights go up, have pulled out extra reps, and have pushed harder each and every workout.  Is Xpand2x responsible for that or was it a matter of being meticulous about my training programs and nutrition?  I would have to say both.  While I am very precise with my nutrition and in writing my training goals and routines, by using Xpand2x and being able to stay focused longer in a workout, that extra intensity and push definitely mean better quality workouts.  The better quality workouts translate to better results and being able to progress further.

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