Getting Shredded

What is the best lift for shredding the thighs? What is the best lift for shredding the arms? What does it take to get shredded?

I don’t know about one exercise being better than others to shred the thighs or arms. For me, the shredding is more about conditioning. However, I have favorite exercises that I feel are great when I want to add a little dimension and try and create deep cuts in those muscles.
For the quads, I have become a huge fan of lunges. I know, I know. It sounds like such a sissy exercise that only girls do to tone their legs. But let me tell you – they kick my butt every time. I have just started to incorporate them into our leg routine about a year ago. I like to use them as a great pre-contest leg exercise where my reps are slightly higher (maybe in the 10-12 range) and I want to add something different to my leg routine. They are not only physically tough, but mentally they are an all out battle.
Combined with lunges I love leg extensions for really squeezing every muscle fiber in the quads envisioning carving the deep cuts I want.

For biceps, most people would probably recommend concentration curls to really carve the biceps. I don’t use those very often. I prefer an incline dumbbell curl followed by hammer curls. The angle of the incline curls puts all the focus right on the biceps. The hammer curls hit the brachialis muscle – the muscle that sits on the outside of the arm between the biceps and triceps. When that muscle is developed and you are shredded it adds so much to the biceps and arms overall.

As I mentioned earlier, for me getting shredded is all about conditioning. Conditioning is what brings out a hard, tight physique. I have used the experience from each contest to evaluate and fine tune my nutritional plan and contest plan to come in better condition at the next contest. The last show, where I turned pro, was by far my best condition yet,and a clear difference from my previous competitions. Even though I was quite proud with the results of each of those competitions, the losses just made me dig deeper and work harder to get myself in better condition. This year I have spent the entire year paying closer attention to details throughout the off-season as I look to come in harder, more shredded and drier at my pro debut.

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