A Holiday Gift & Stocking Stuffer Guide for Your Fitness Fanatic! (Or Yourself!!)



Here is a list of some of my favorite and most genuine fitness products, companies, and accessories.  This list is a compilation of things I use, have studied or researched and can honestly give feedback and recommend for people.  There is no sales pitch or scheme with these products and none are paying me to promote these products.  I have put this together because I have had many people ask about things I use in various areas and thought I would share the ones I use and believe in.   I do now have an affiliate with Egg Whites International, which does mean that if you order and mention my name, I do earn a little money off of each sale.  But, even without using my name, I would still recommend them.

Enjoy the list.  Please use it, share it and spread the word on some great products that you or those you will enjoy!   Have a wonderful and peace-filled holiday season.  May you enjoy many memorable moments with family and loved ones, keep your fitness goals on track or somewhat on track and enjoy the season without overthinking or sweating over the small stuff!  Focus on what and whom are most meaningful and enjoy each moment this season!



Egg Whites International

Phone 877 344-9448


I love these egg whites. They are a convenient and simple way to add in extra protein with no carbs or fats or any added ingredients.  This is not like Rocky Balboa, where you are drinking a cup of raw and slimy eggs. These egg whites are pasteurized and refrigerated and can be added in any foods without changing the texture or taste.  I use them in overnight oats, protein shakes, yogurt, and as part of a salad dressing.  They can be measured out or used with the pump, which is measured and nutrition info is provided per pump.  Both make it very easy to track the amount I am using and include it in my overall macros for each day.


SPECIALS:  Order in December to receive Free Shipping and Free article of clothing, mention Frank Gigante


Shields of Strength


This company is not just a jewelry company trying to make a buck.  These are genuine people whose business is an extension and outgrowth of the people they are.  If any of you know of them or follow them online you have seen how they were actively involved in the search and aid during the hurricanes that ripped through Texas, and involved in fundraising efforts to rebuild their church and the people most greatly affected by the damage.

Each piece of jewelry they sell has a faith based scripture verse engraved on it.  I wear mine every day and it serves as a centering piece for me and a continual reminder of my own beliefs and faith.  I have bought both my daughters Shields of Strength jewelry in the hopes it will serve as a reminder and guide that they are not alone and it also serves to connect the three of us in that we share a common bond through the Shields of Strength pieces.


During the holiday season they have been running some great specials. Check them out and take advantage of the sales and savings.




You have seen me use and talk about 50 Strong water bottles for a few years now.  They are an American based company out of Ohio that is committed to American manufacturing and even created a 50 Strong Foundation to give back to the community and support students and young people interested in the manufacturing field.

In the time I have known 50 Strong they have continued to not only produce new products, but more telling to me, is how they have worked to improve upon their current products.  When their early models of water bottles were found to have defects, they went to work to develop a better quality bottle and eliminate the problem.  Imagine hearing that the CEO of the company was out in the parking lot testing several new models by deliberately throwing them on the asphalt to see if they would break.

Their latest line of bottles has both an ounce count on the bottle and also several tear drops to help track how much water you drink during the day.  Simply move the lanyard over one drop each time you fill it up and easily track your water intake over the course of the day.


All of their bottles fit easily in most car cup holders, are top dishwasher safe and have a wide enough top to fill with ice from your fridge ice dispenser.


For those of you with younger children, 50 Strong has just launched their latest product, a scooter stand to keep your kids’ scooters organized and upright.  I know when my girls were younger, I stepped on or tripped over their scooters on more than one occasion!





For years I had the same routine when I went to the gym for warm ups and stretching.  As a former gymnast I had always thought I was fairly flexible and would warm up and stretch before each workout thinking that I was maintaining my mobility and keeping injuries at bay by being properly warmed up.
In recent years, through education, several small injuries, mostly overuse, I have learned that my practices were not the most effective or efficient.  I was opened up to the world of “self-care” and this has been a huge benefit in so many ways for me.  Among the many aspects of my self-care regimen, I have found and built a rapport with RockTape.  Through getting to know and learn from a few of their practitioners, I have been able to expand my knowledge and improve my flexibility and mobility which has translated to better work and results in the gym and in my fitness goals.


Since that time I have used and continue to use several of their products, including the latest offering, RockFloss.  This is a latex, elastic band that comes in both 2” and 4” widths.  It is used as a mobility tool which can be used before or after training on most bodyparts.  I currently use mine on my knees and elbow area during my mobility sessions to help loosen up muscles and increase blood flow through these areas.


I have used their RockTape, when working through an injury, which was helpful. I have even used this product to help my daughter through a muscular imbalance with great results.   RockTape, is a kinesiology tape, that serves a specific purpose within a larger rehab or preventative care program.  It is not meant to be the go to tool or first line of defense.  It is also not meant to be worn for a long period of time as a fashion statement – which I have seen.  If used correctly, RockTape is an invaluable tool in a mobility or rehab program.


The Assassins Knee Sleeves are fantastic to use during leg training days and really can help relieve knee joint pain, overuse symptoms, and improve movement and mechanics.


Another RockTape product that an athlete may want in their tool kit is the RockSauce for topical pain relief for sore muscles and joints.  RockTape now offers Rock Sauce in both a heat version, Fire, and a cool version, Ice.


Aside from these products, RockTape offers courses throughout the country which are a great way to improve knowledge, become familiar with using the tools, and educate both athletes and practitioners.  If you are currently working with a health care professional to deal with injuries or some type of rehab, ask them about RockTape products, their use of IASTM tools and how they can benefit you today.

Sinister Labs


I was introduced to some of the Sinister Labs team and their products at the Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio this year as they rolled out their Caffeine infused Protein Spreads.  These are delicious.  In just a short time, they have expanded their line to include both caffeinated and non-caffeinated spreads and powders, new and delicious flavors, and have recently introduced pancake mixes and protein bars.


The protein spreads and powders I have used in pancake and waffle mixes as well as my night time yogurt and casein bowl.  The caffeinated products are not overwhelming, but do provide a little extra focus and energy in the morning or during the day.  I use the non-caffeinated versions at night so it doesn’t interfere with my sleep patterns.


I recently had my first SinFit bar and I can tell you it was absolutely amazing.  By far one of the best I have had ever.  I am now looking forward to picking up some of their pancake mixes to use in my breakfast meals soon!


All of these products and flavors have been phenomenal and are sure to make any fitness or peanut butter loving person on your holiday list very, very happy!


Stuart’s Spices


Thanks to the magic of the internet, this local shop in Rochester, NY can send its goodness to everyone!  I rely on Stuart’s for all of my herbs, spices, and seasonings.  Over 80% of their seasonings are ground in house and in small quantities so that each product is fresh when you buy it.  I use their many seasonings in so many of my meals year round, I can’t even begin to tell you of my favorite blend or recipes.  Their products are great for marinades for meats, seasonings and flavor in rices, salads, vegetables, and potatoes.  I have used Stuart’s Spices in breakfast meals, on eggs, and even in making ciders, hot chocolates, and apple sauce.  If there is anyone on your list that loves to cook, or loves to eat, check out Stuart’s Spices online, or in person and pick up some last minute gifts today.

Beast Life Apparel


The Beast Life – I am a fan of this line because of the mentality and attitude that defines it.  This “Beast” attitude has nothing to do with how much one can bench press, but everything to do with facing challenges and obstacles and finding the strength and courage to overcome them.  It is the attitude of knowing you will encounter things that will knock you to your knees and sometimes flat on your back, but somewhere deep within you will find that drive to get back up. This is the Beast Life and that is what drew me to this line and to embrace and represent that message both in the gym and out.


Order now and take advantage of code SANTA10 for 10%off your entire order!


Hero Clean


“Made for guys, Loved by women!”  If you read through how Hero Clean came about, you will understand this tag line.  Hero Clean products are a high-performance line of home cleaning products for the toughest odors, stains, and messes.  Hero Clean has cut out the confusing and sometimes unnecessary need to have 16 different cleaners in the house and has narrowed it down to 4 essential products – laundry soap, dish and hand soap, general cleaner,  and the all-important odor eliminator.


Hero Clean is also based in the USA and like many of the other companies on my list, give back to communities and in this case support military veterans through IAVA.


RocBody Fitness Cafe


Who says healthy food has to be bland and boring?  Definitely not RocBody Fitness Cafe!  I have been eating there and raving about their meals since not too long after they opened and have been hooked ever since.  The menu is diverse and every meal I have ever had has been incredibly tasty and delicious.  My daughters and I make this a mandatory place to eat whenever we can.


If either you or your gift recipient is within their delivery service radius, then head on over to RocBodymealprep.com and hook yourself or someone you love up with a great meal plan to stay on track during the holidays and beyond!



TEAM SYNERGY by Craig Yarnall and Crystal Woods


After you have covered all of the above companies and have decked out yourself or others with great food and all the necessary fitness gear, you will want some help getting your fitness goals off to a great start!  Craig and Crystal are two of the best and most knowledgeable in the fitness world.  Both are fantastic with educating people as they help them reach their health and fitness goals whether it be general health improvements or very focused and specific competition goals and preparations.  I have known and been working with Craig and Crystal for several years now and am continually impressed with their expertise and professionalism, as well as their effort to stay on top of the latest research and techniques.  That’s right – Team Synergy is all about using the science behind fitness training and nutrition to drive the programs that help people achieve and exceed their own goals and once thought limits.

There you have it!  Please frequent any or all of these links and companies above and finish out your gift shopping and giving strong!!!


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