The victory dinner!! Nope i didn’t win. I didn’t even place top 5 in the Pro Men’s Heavyweight division. It is a victory celebration because I set, hit, and exceeded every goal I had for this year’s DFAC World Finals. I don’t control placings, or what other competitors bring to the stage. I only control what I do day in and day out, year round. Tonight was the culmination of all the work and discipline of this past year and even beyond that. I accomplished everything I set out to do that was within my control. For that I am grateful & in that sense, victorious. I do not do this alone and there are numerous people to thank. I will do most of that privately as tonight I am simply grateful & ready for bed! While i at be the one on stage, I do not think for one second this is about me. I have a great team of people to help with training, nutrition, posing, emotional support, constructive criticisms for improvements, and even daily motivation whether intentional or not.

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